Company Profile

C.I.M.O. Ltd is a company founded in 1988 based on the experience of forty years Barettoni Gianfranco company that still operates today as a store of supplies of equipment and supplies for goldsmiths in Valenza.

C.I.M.O. it specializes in the production of vacuum mixers for coating, the famous St. Louis mixer: real technological evolution o the conventional coating preparation system.
Today machines in all laboratories and factories for the lost wax casting.

Over the years, the range of production has characterized the presence of C.I.M.O. not only nationally but also in the foreign market, where the products are delivered and assisted directly with an experience and selected range of direct dealers.

The lift and distributor for chalk: DISPENSER LIFT, the ANGEL polishing desks with patented system of recovery of the precious metal in water-air filtration and the very recent MIX CAST, casting machines for accurate casting, are a result of the costant technological research and innovative at the base of all C.I.M.O. expressions.